Hen-Rietta & Co

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This site is where we share the exploits of Hen-Rietta and her feathered friends.

We love our hens. Our 34 acre property located in the beautiful Waitaki Valley, North Otago, is home to our Arabian horses, beef cattle and a small mob of sheep. Our hens are every bit as important as the other livestock.

We have a number of breeds of hen. Each breed is valued for it's own characteristics and sometimes we will raise chickens from our purebred breeds with a view to mainting the breed.

The breeds we have are:  Silver Wyandott,   Australorp    , Shaver    , Hyline      and North Holland Blues. 


We aim to give our hens   a   natural   life  . The girls and boys, love their life as as "GENUINE"  free range   hens and we get so much satisfaction out of sharing our farm with them.

Hans the North Holland Blue with some of our girls.

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