Hen-Rietta & Co

We endorse free range living for all hens. However, we draw the line at eating the Pinot Gris grapes!!

 The new hen house in construction getting an expert perusal.

27th October 2010

Below  is a picture of the North Holland chickens born on the 22nd of July. Here they are all growed up in their new coup. 


Today, I did some work in the Vineyard and finished by giving the Pinot Gris vines a good drink. The hens thought this was a great idea. They love fresh water and took no time at all to realise that the water coming from the irrigation hose was nice and cool. Could not believe that these girls are so clever. Whoever coined the phrase "bird brain" did not know hens. 

Took possession of some new day old chickens today. They are the cutest girls .    1st Oct 2010

The final count is SEVEN. The foster mother is a crossbred hen who is proving to be a devoted mother.

July 22nd 

We are thrilled to have our first hatching of North Holland Blue chickens!!!

So far, four chicks are out and others are pecking their way into the world. Can't wait till tomorrow, when the daylight will reveal how many we have and I shall be able to take some photos.

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