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North Holland Blues

The North Holland Blue is a breed of chicken originating in the province of North Holland. Created around the turn of the 20th century as laying breed, North Holland Blues come in single variety with black and white striped pattern called Cuckoo.

     North Holland Blues have quiet, docile temperaments, and hens are good layers of light brown eggs. In the 21st century, they are rather rare, being almost unknown outside their native country and the
United Kingdom. North Holland Blues have white skin, and are clean-legged in their home country.
I saw these beautiful birds at the property of a local poultry enthusiast.  He explained how rare the North Holland Blues were in New Zealand and I made up my mind to obtain a rooster and some hens and set about preserving them for the future.
It did not dawn on me that I would grow fond of these birds as individuals, but I have.



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